Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 10 (Commando)

Joined by Josh Webb (@JoshwaWebb), Rob and Jemry let off some steam. Put on your tactical vest, feed your daughter some ice cream, and grab the guns out of your two-digit combination safe, because your favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger podcast is revisiting Commando.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 07 (Conan the Destroyer)

Wilt Chamberlain, Grace Jones, Andre the Giant, and the return of Mako?! Join us for a thrilling romp through the highs of Conan’s second adventure, and the fun, active atmosphere that encompasses it. Forget that silly podcast that put down Conan the Barbarian. Now this is a movie!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 06 (Conan The Barbarian)

Rob and Jemry watch Conan the Barbarian. Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes a king in an unrelated and untold story at the end of this film, and you too can become a king*, just like, share, and subscribe, or whatever you do with podcasts. *Offer void if read.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 05 (The Jayne Mansfield Story)

Which famous bodybuilder could our favourite Arnold be playing in this dramatised biopic? Could he be playing Jayne Mansfield herself? No, that would be too good for human consumption. you’ll have to listen to our podcast to find out, or at least look up the cast list on IMDb or Wikipedia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 04 (Cactus Jack/The Villain)

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a handsome stranger called Handsome Stranger in this ridiculous comedy from 1979. The twist is that it’s really just a live action Road Runner movie, with Kirk Douglas as Wile E. Coyote. The other twist is that they shouldn’t have hired Paul Lynde.