Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 05 (The Jayne Mansfield Story)

Which famous bodybuilder could our favourite Arnold be playing in this dramatised biopic? Could he be playing Jayne Mansfield herself? No, that would be too good for human consumption. you’ll have to listen to our podcast to find out, or at least look up the cast list on IMDb or Wikipedia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 04 (Cactus Jack/The Villain)

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a handsome stranger called Handsome Stranger in this ridiculous comedy from 1979. The twist is that it’s really just a live action Road Runner movie, with Kirk Douglas as Wile E. Coyote. The other twist is that they shouldn’t have hired Paul Lynde.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 03 (Pumping Iron)

It’s a 90° swerve into a documentary for the podcast this week, as we look at one of Arnold’s “as himself” credits, and perhaps his most important (after Last Action Hero, naturally). Sure, there’s a bit of Franco Columbu here, or some Lou Ferrigno there, but it’s really Arnold who steals the show.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 02 (Stay Hungry)

Jeff Bridges and Sally Field co-star in this charm- wait a minute, this is Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents! Former Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a Mr. Universe hopeful at a gym Jeff Bridges is looking to demolish. That is, until the charming gym members win Jeff Bridges heart and Arnold Schwarzenegger a Golden Globe!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 01 (Hercules in New York)

It’s 1970, and we live in a pre-Pumping Iron, pre-Conan world. Arnie has so little clout, they rename him to Arnold Strong as an in-joke, and dub over him. Also, he fights a man in a bear-suit, and loses a weight lifting competition, two things the real Arnold Schwarzenegger would never do.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 00 (Introduction)

Rob and Jemry’s podcast is going through the entire filmography of Arnold Schwarzenegger. We review the movies, the Arnolds, and even suggest how we’d do it given the chance.