Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 25 (Batman and Robin)

A freeze is coming, as Matthew Hespe joins Jemry and Rob on the podcast to chill out with the coolest movie in town, Batman and Robin. I hope you enjoy terrible ice puns, because they’re certainly not going to get any better.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 24 (Eraser)

Roland Hoffmann (@RolandoHoffmann) joins Rob and Jemry on the podcast, and creates some literal Shakespearean tragedy, and also probably traumatises a fictional deer. The Arnold Schwarzenegger film Eraser also comes up in discussion, and Sven Watch makes a return.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 23 (Jingle All The Way)

Donna Collins joins Rob and Jemry on the podcast, as we discuss the ethical problems with continuing franchises and feeding poisoned 14-year-olds into woodchippers, as well as touching on Jingle All The Way for a moment or two.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 22 (Junior)

Tess Bentley joins Rob and Jemry on the podcast, as we watch Junior and learn that a bag of heroin can’t raise a baby. After playing a twin of Danny DeVito, a kindergarten teacher who is also a policeman, and then himself, Ivan Reitman casts Arnold Schwarzenegger in his most unlikely role yet: a scientist!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 21 (True Lies)

Randy Adeva joins the podcast as we cover True Lies, our last James Cameron film before the release of Avatar IV: The Quest for Peace. With some questionable hiring procedures and horse-elevator etiquette, Arnold Schwarzenegger rides real fast past a guy on a saxophone, and oh boy, is he surprised? Yes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 20 (Dave)

Sean Morgan joins Rob and Jemry to watch the Kevin Kline vehicle Dave, the movie that you didn’t even realise had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it! A thirty second cameo for a familiar director means we have another movie to cover, and this one is full of intrigue if you watch it enough times, and notice some conspicuous corgis.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 19 (Last Action Hero)

Ry joins Rob and Jemry on the podcast as we go beyond the fourth wall, and fight a bobsled, a T-Rex and a homicidal Macaulay Culkin in John McTiernan’s silliest film, Last Action Hero. Fish go both in and out of water as Danny Madigan uses a magic ticket to visit a fictional Arnold Schwarzenegger character.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 18 (Terminator 2)

Ben Searle joins Rob and Jemry on the podcast to cover Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Terminator 2, fights to the death, and what would be a very strange book club. First, however, Arnold has to learn some 90s slang from an American teenager. Cowabunga!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 17 (Kindergarten Cop)

Emma Holland joins Rob and Jemry to discuss talking ferrets, propeller caps, and the origins of the chalk font. They also happen to discuss Kindergarten Cop, which is lucky, because that’s the whole premise of the podcast.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents – Episode 16 (Total Recall)

If it was a Total Recall, why was he there at all? Joined by comedian Luke Leonard, Rob and Jemry explore Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best film (fight me!), and have Cher lose at karaoke (it’s a long story).